My Son is Getting Married Today

As I sit here having my recovery coffee from a night of celebration with the wedding party, I can’t help but reflect on the past 24 years. The Lord blessed my husband and I with two terrific children. Our daughter was married two years ago and blessed us with our first grandchild in March. And now our son is married his high school sweetheart.

They actually began their relationship 21 years ago in Sunday School class. But it wouldn’t be until their senior year of high school before the Lord brought them together by way of their youth pastor and boy telling her they needed a date for homecoming. And here we are today.

By way of these two wonderful people the Lord has brought together to families who will surround them with all the love, support, and prayers to last a lifetime.

As is always the case we pray that our children will grow up to be happy and healthy. Such is the case in our family. Today will be a day of reflection and also a day to celebrate and look forward.

Brian, you have blessed us with so many wonderful memories and we know you and Elizabeth will bless us with so many more.

Have a blessed wedding day!


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