Yuma – Vintage Motel Signs, Loren Pratts Little Chapel, Yuma Proving Ground & Imperial Sands

One of the great things about living the full-time RV lifestyle is that we see so much of what our country has to offer. Our time in Yuma found us visiting the Yuma Territorial Prison, going to Los Algodones, Mexico, and even finding the Center of the World just across the line in Felicity, California.

But, sometimes, it is the little things that make a town unique. Here are some pictures of those places around Yuma that we found interesting.

Vintage Motel Signs

Drive down 4th Avenue in Yuma, and you’ll come across vintage motel signs directing weary travelers to motels still in use today.

Loren Pratts Little Chapel

This adorable church is located between a broccoli field and a mountain at 4336 S Ave 13E, Yuma, AZ 85365.

Free Outdoor Museum at Yuma Proving Ground

The Yuma Proving Ground is home to a free outdoor museum with equipment used in various conflicts. There is also an indoor museum, but due to COVID restrictions, it was temporarily closed when we were there.

Imperial Sands

Yes, that’s right. Not too far from Yuma, west on I-8 is Imperial Sands. The same Imperial Sands where scenes from Star Wars were filmed. Every weekend, off-roaders flock to this area to ride the sand dunes. For miles, you will see campers of all types out in the desert boondocking. A permit is required to camp and off-road. Find all the information at Visit Yuma.


As we found out, Yuma, Arizona is more than snowbirds, retirees, and the desert. There are some pretty interesting places as well.

Leave a comment if you’ve been to a place and found there was more to see than you thought.

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