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It’s been awhile since I’ve written, so let me catch you up on what’s been going on. My husband and I purchased a 30ft travel trailer last fall, and we’ve been enjoying living a modified life on the road. I say modified, because we aren’t retired, yet, so we can’t go full-time, yet. We are, however, able to take extended trips as long as we have good internet for my husband to work. As a writer, I’m able to work from pretty much anywhere. We’ve been to Myrtle Beach, North Carolina, and now are spending a couple of months in Florida. That’s right, we’ve become snowbirds! Here’s just one of the adventures we’ve been on.

Saturday morning, Mike and I met our friends, Dana and Carmella in Tarpon Springs to ride the Pinellas Trail. While the trail is 38.3 miles one way, we opted to ride a shorter route, with stops along the way. Once we made our way south out of Tarpon Springs and the crosswalks, the scenery was beautiful. Since Dana and Carmella were riding their tandem, Carmella was our “official” photographer.

While the path is paved beautifully and very well marked, there are unfortunately a couple of crosswalks where we had to wait for long light cycles before we were able to cross. This caused backups of both cyclists and pedestrians on both sides of the crosswalk. Patience was definitely needed to ensure a safe crossing.


We peddled our way down to the Dunedin Causeway, just north of the town of Dunedin. After crossing a very busy intersection, we peddled onto the causeway bridge. (No pictures of the bridge because it was very narrow and very busy.) I’m sure if we’d gone during the week, the causeway sidewalk wouldn’t have been nearly as crowded.



The views were spectacular along the waterfront. And it was nice to see that a group had volunteered their time to clean up trash that had been dropped on the sand.

After spending a few minutes enjoying the scenery, we peddled back across the causeway bridge and continued south in search of lunch. Dana and Carmella recommended the Happy’s Bayou Bites in Dunedin, known for its Cajun cuisine, so that’s where we landed. Very quaint, unusual and a two thumbs up from the crowd for their PoBoys!

Once our bellies were almost full, because we had to save room for dessert, we turned around and made our way back to Tarpon Springs. The following photos of sites along the way are compliments of our amazing photographer. Thanks Carmella!


Back in Tarpon Springs we found dessert! Orange Cycle Creamery was amazing! The owner makes all the ice cream, both regular and sugar-free, as well as sorbet, fresh every day! Definitely worth the trip!

In closing, the Pinellas Trail is definitely a do-over! Can’t wait for our next adventure!

Thanks for visiting The Rambling Quilter and I hope you have a great day!

Jennifer Skinnell is the author of the Hope Springs Romance Series available on Amazon.

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