Felicity, California – The Center of the World

This sign is off I-8 in Felicity, California. The Center of the World.US

Traveling around the country, you see some interesting signs along the road and you just have to stop. One example was when we were in Illinois and kept seeing signs for the world’s largest Superman during our Working Vacation – Paducah Edition trip.

Not to be outdone, Felicity, California, has claimed the title of “Center of the World”. Jacques-Andre Istel, the Korean War veteran who bought the barren desert land now known as Felicity, California, came up with the idea.

The story of how the Center of the World came to be is told beautifully in this post, Official Center of The World at RoadsideAmerica.com. Felicity is a stop not to be missed if you on your way from Arizona to California on I-8.

What is at the Center of the World?

As you’ll see from the video, basically, the history of the world is being carved into the large granite slabs on the grounds. The detail in each panel is amazing.

As Mayor Istel was in the Korean War, there is a large memorial to the Marine veterans who died serving in the Korean War.

Mayor Istel has a few other interesting artifacts around the property he purchased to remind him of his homeland of France.

And the little church on the hill is not to be missed.

Fee & Times

There is a $3.00 fee to walk around the grounds, and if you’d like to go inside the pyramid and stand at the Official Center of the World, it is an additional $2.00.

Hours are 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., daily local time as of the date of this post.

We highly recommend a stop at the Center of the World if you are driving on I-8 in southwest California.

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