Quilts for a Lifetime

I’ve done many quilts in the past few years to help clients preserve their memories. It’s what I love to do. As I was completing three projects in the past couple of months, I realized how these particular gifts actually were for three important stages of life, but for three different people. Let me explain.

The first was a prayer drape I made for my future daughter-in-law. She is a lovely girl, and we are so excited she and our son will be getting married in June. I wanted to make something special for them to remember their special day. I was thrilled to find this pattern, which I modified with the embroidery in the heart and a special bible verse on the back.


The second was a baby quilt. My client, who is also my Aunt Jeanie, asked me to make a quilt for her daughter that was similar to a dinosaur quilt I had made last year. Her daughter, however loved scottie dogs, so we switched the dinosaurs for scottie dogs. Whe I asked her the colors, she explained that her daughter wasn’t actually pregnant yet, and this would be a gift for future grandchildren. We opted for the primary colors you see here.

As I was working my way through the quilt, Aunt Jeanie emailed me to check on the progress. She said that she would, unfortunately, be going into hospice care soon, and wanted to having the quilt to give to her daughter before then. I had no idea this was happening and the reason behind this special gift. Luckily I was able to get the quilt completed in time. She also wanted me to know her daughter had had a puppy quilt as a small child and loved it so much, she literally loved it to pieces. Aunt Jeanie wanted a puppy quilt for her to give to her future children. Such a precious gift.




The final quilt was for a client who wanted a special quilt for her mom for Mother’s Day. She brought me a bag with 3 shirts (2 flannel and 1 cotton), 3 t-shirts (1 camo), 1 sweatshirt, 2 hats, 1 Army P-coat, and 1 tie. These were items she had remembered her father wearing, and she saved them after he passed away two years ago. She asked if I could somehow turn them into a quilt. Of course, I said yes! Here is the result. See if you can find all the items listed above.





Here is a close-up of the middle where I used the two hats, p-coat name and rank that were stamped on the inside of the jacket, and tie.




There are so many ways to keep memories and traditions alive, and to create new ones. It was my pleasure to work on these three special projects. Knowing these will live on in future generations is one of the many reasons I do what I do.

Thanks for reading!

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