My Interview with Nancy Bell Kimsey, Author of Grace on a Rambling Road: Devotions for RV Travelers

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing author Nancy Bell Kimsey before the release of her upcoming book. Grace on a Rambling Road: Devotions for RV Travelers is a collection of 60 devotional meditations that link the Scriptures with vignettes about the camping experience, uplifting life applications, and prayers.

TRQ: Did you always want to be an author?

Nancy: I grew up wanting to work in an airport, a hospital, or a school – an active place with lots of people. I ended up becoming a teacher. I always enjoyed writing rhymed poems for greeting cards, camp skits, song parodies, and other creative endeavors.

TRQ: What made you decide to write this book?

Nancy: I had previously written some devotional articles that were published in magazines, and I wanted to focus on connecting the Scriptures to everyday experiences that we encounter while camping.

TRQ: Did you draw on your own RVing experiences when writing this book?

Nancy: Yes, about a third of the 60 entries in the book are directly related to RV adventures that we all encounter. The other parts of the book relate to a variety of experiences from camping, hiking, and road travel in general. Some are humorous, and others are more thoughtful.

TRQ: What are some of your interests, other than camping?

Nancy: I really enjoy singing and sewing. I belong to a community chorale and sing with the worship team at church. I sew photography props and upcycled outfits.

TRQ: Do you travel alone? Significant other and/or pets?

Nancy: I travel with my husband, Ray.

TRQ: Where have been some of your most memorable places to camp?

Nancy: Many years ago, I camped at the Grand Tetons. That was an incredibly beautiful place. I’ve always gravitated toward the mountains rather than the beach. My favorite hiking spot was the Crypt Lake Trail in Alberta, Canada, but we didn’t camp on that trip.

TRQ: How long have you been RVing?

Nancy: We started RVing in 2020, but I have camped my whole life: family camping, Girl Scouts and Explorer Scouts, backpacking as a teen and young adult.

TRQ: Are you a full-time or part-time RVer?

Nancy: Part-time.

TRQ: What kind of rig do you have?

Nancy: We love our Oliver Elite 2 fiberglass travel trailer – (twin bed model), and we drive a Dodge Ram truck.

TRQ: Aside from writing this book, do you have another job?

Nancy: I’m a retired middle school teacher. I currently have an Etsy shop (Little Lassies) where I sell sewn photography props and vintage items. I also babysit my grandsons once a week.

TRQ: Do you have another book in the works or an idea in mind for a second book?

Nancy: I would like to create a devotional book for musicians who participate in choral and instrumental groups.

TRQ: Being from North Carolina, are there any campgrounds you’d recommend in your home state?

Nancy: We enjoyed the Cedar Point Campground in the Croatan National Forest. The sites are well spaced, there is a nice trail very close to the campground that goes across the marsh, and Emerald Isle Beach is just across the bridge. I’ll also mention that our favorite trip in Georgia was to stay at Crooked River State Park and then take a day trip by ferry to Cumberland Island National Seashore. (If you have a National Parks Pass, be sure to bring it! You will still have to purchase a ferry ticket but will not have to buy a ticket onto the seashore. The parks pass will also give you a discount at Croatan.) You stay at Cumberland for about 6 hours, and you can bicycle or hike through marsh, beach, boardwalk, and live oaks – as well as the ruins of the Dungeness Mansion. Quite a variety!

TRQ: Anything else you’d like to add?

Nancy: I’m thankful that I’ve had so many opportunities to experience God through nature while camping, and I hope the book will encourage and challenge readers as they travel on the road.

TRQ: Where is your book available?

Nancy: Amazon – Grace on a Rambling Road: Devotions for RV Travelers: Kimsey, Nancy Bell, Battle, Savannah, Stikeleather, Nathan: 9781736773116: Books,

Barnes and Noble – y-bell-kimsey/1139175198?ean=9781736773116

If someone would like to purchase through Paypal, they may contact me at

Thank you, Nancy, for writing Grace on a Rambling Road, a book for anyone inspired to see the country, one mile at a time.

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