Amarillo – Big Texan and the RV Museum

We spent two weeks in Texas at the Big Texan RV Ranch in Amarillo. The Ranch is conveniently located off I-40, so it is good for both longer stays and overnight stops. The only drawback is you hear the highway noise, but the campground is clean, and the people are friendly.

Big Texan Steak House

Of course, we had to visit the famous Big Texan Steak House, home of the 72 oz. steak! There was a man trying to do the challenge, however, he didn’t quite make it. The atmosphere was interesting, and the food was good, too.

If you’re staying at the campground, you can call ahead and get a free ride to the restaurant in a limo, complete with longhorns attached to the front! We opted to drive ourselves because we’d been out sightseeing and stopped in for lunch.

Photo Cred to Big Texan Ranch.

Jack Sizemore RV Museum

We also found out that Amarillo is home to an extensive collection of vintage RVs and other fun stuff! It’s actually housed at Jack Sizemore Traveland RV dealership. Mr. Sizemore amassed this wonderful collection of RV memorabilia throughout his life, and has opened it up to the public. As you can see from the video, this is an amazing step back in time! And of course, since this is 2020, we followed all COVID protocols, even when I took Mike’s picture with the Gornicke bus from the movie, RV. Here’s the link for the museum, but as I just found out, it is temporarily closed due to the rising cases of COVID.

Snow in October?

One thing we didn’t count on in October was 19 degrees and snow for 3 days! However, when you’re living on the road, you learn to adapt quickly. We filled our fresh water tank and put our water hose in the camper so it wouldn’t freeze, turned on our tank heaters (thank you Grand Design!), got our space heaters and electric fireplace going, and stuffed some blankets in the windows around our bed. We stayed nice and toasty throughout the entire cold snap!

We did so much in our two weeks there that it will take two blog posts! Check back next week for the rest of our adventures in Amarillo, Texas.

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