A Tour of Our New Grand Design Solitude 385GK 5th Wheel

As promised in my last post, here’s a tour of our new rig! We’ve had our Solitude 385GK we named “Tigger” for a little over a month and absolutely love it! Grand Design has really put a lot of thought into storage, convenience, and design.


Just inside the front door are the closet/laundry room and pantry. There is plenty of storage for everything, and lights in both spaces help to see what we have! The frosted glass doors add an elegant touch to an otherwise ordinary space.

Unlike most fifth wheels, our “hallway” to the bedroom is on the driver’s side of the rig.

As implied in the GK of 385GK, the kitchen is definitely grand. The center island has plenty of prep space, a large two-bowl sink, and is also prepped for a dishwasher. In lieu of a dishwasher, there is more storage! The 18 cubic ft. refrigerator is plenty big and runs on propane or electric. I’m thrilled that Grand Design put the microwave/convection oven lower so those of us who are height-challenged can reach it!  On either side of the regular oven and three-burner stove, there is extra counter space, more cabinets, and even a drawer that houses two trash bins!

The back of the rig is probably my favorite part, if for no other reason than the amount of windows! The theater seats have heat and massage, and the large sofa folds out into a queen-size bed.  The television is opposite the theater seats and lowers behind the electric fireplace when not in use.

Moving to the front of the rig, the bathroom is plenty large. We’d much rather have the space dedicated to areas where we’re going to be spending more time!

The bedroom is tucked in the front behind the bathroom. The double-slide allows for plenty of space for my husband to set up his office.

The queen-size bed is perfect because we can walk all the way around. The dresser, side closet, and full-front “walk-in” closet have even more space!

Some of the things that make a rig a “home” are the personal touches. Along with the quilt on the bed that I made which features our love of bicycling, we’ve also added pictures of our family, as well as a magnet board and map to document our travels.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! We’re currently on the road making more memories to share with you in our next post!

Jennifer Skinnell is the author of the Hope Springs Romance Series currently available on Amazon in paperback and eBook. Check out her Amazon Author Page here.



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