Our Visit to Sea World, Orlando

It had been a very long time since we’d been to Sea World – in fact, the last time I was at Sea World, it was in Aurora, Ohio! Our friends, Bob and Robin, are season pass holders, and they invited us for a day of fun. Here’s a look at our visit to Sea World, Orlando.

Shark Encounter

First up – lunch at the Shark Encounter. Where else can you dine next to a tank full of fish?!

Check out the Shark Underwater Grill for great food and amazing scenery.

As you’ll see in the accompanying youtube video (link below), the entrance to the Shark Encounter takes you under the aquarium so you can experience the different fish swimming above you as you ride on the movable platform. The experience is stunning. There was a little underwater maintenance going on, lol.

Seals & Sea Lions

After feeding ourselves, it was time to feed the Sea Lions! I left that to Mike. Those Sea Lions were pros at begging and showing off.

The Seal & Sea Lion Show was very comical, and as you can see they love to show off!

Dolphin Show

Next up was the Dolphin Show. Sea World is very serious about conservation and preservation, and all their shows and exhibits expressed this and what we all can do to help preserve our planet for future generations.

Animal Sightings


Before our last show of the day, we visited the penguin and walrus exhibit of Antarctica. Be prepared to get chilly in this environment meant to feel like an expedition.

Orca Show

The Orca Show was spectacular, and as with the others, all about conservation. You could tell the workers really cared about the animals. Throughout the show, they related how Sea World is caring for endangered animals all over the world by rehabilitating and sending back to sea those who were ready.

A Video of the Amazing Shows and Exhibits


We really enjoyed our visit to Sea World and thank Bob and Robin Barefoot for the invitation. The food was delicious and the entertainment was spectacular. We highly recommend you check out this park when visiting the Orlando area.

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