Wild Bill’s Airboat Tour!

Photo Mar 08, 3 44 46 PMEveryone has a bucket list, and we are no exception. This past Sunday was another opportunity for us to cross something off of ours.

We had seen Wild Bill’s Airboat Tours advertised on signs along the highway near Inverness, Florida, as well as on television, so we figured they must be a good one. Since we were in the area, now was a good a time as any to check them out.

Photo Mar 08, 2 38 13 PMSteve was our captain, and he was very knowledgeable about the area and the Withlacoochee River. We were able to see turtles, birds, and of course, a couple of alligators.

The best way to describe the fun is visually. Here were our sights and sounds from our fun hour-long airboat tour.

Photo Mar 08, 2 48 06 PM
3 IN 1! An alligator, bird and turtles all sunning themselves.
Photo Mar 08, 2 49 17 PM
More turtles
Photo Mar 08, 2 49 40 PM
A log of birds
Photo Mar 08, 2 58 55 PM
Trust me, there is an alligator in there!
Photo Mar 08, 2 44 39 PM
Photo Mar 08, 2 44 36 PM
Photo Mar 08, 2 42 23 PM
the river!

This is Bubba! He’s 12-feet long, and lives behind a double row of chain link fencing, with barbed wire across the top!

Sometimes the best way to experience  something, is to crank up the volume and ride along! Enjoy!

Photo Mar 08, 2 31 04 PM

We had such a great time at Wild Bill’s Airboat Tours! Our only word of caution is that it can get quite windy, and maybe chilly, so plan and dress accordingly!



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