The Winds of Compassion and Understanding are Blowing In

This morning, as I look out my office window, the trees are swaying in the wind that continues to blow with a force that shakes the lamppost. Yet, fortunately, the trees are still standing. God has made them strong enough to withstand constant swaying. Now, I know there are some trees that have given in to the force of the wind, and toppled over, but most are still standing.

I find this an interesting metaphor for a lot that has been happening lately. We are constantly getting hit with the force of the winds we see and hear every day, and yet, we are still standing. There are so many forces at work trying to get us to bend one way or another until we finally just snap and fall to the ground. It is up to us to remain strong, as God intended, and keep on going. It is up to us to let the bad blow right by and latch on to the good, letting it nurture us and make us stronger.

And on this cold March morning, I am encouraged by the buds I see on these trees. As the trees are continuing to take nutrients from the soil to grow stronger, so must we. The signs of a new spring are on the trees and under them in the new flowers sprouting up from the earth. It is up to us to get up every day, first thanking the Lord for another day, and then spending the rest of the day showing him our appreciation for everything He provides. Because in these times of uncertainty, we know that He will be there helping us through every gust of wind we encounter.

We may not always agree with our neighbors, friends, and sometimes even relatives. But we do have an obligation to God to show each other compassion and understanding.

Just the thoughts of this rambling quilter.  

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