It’s May Folks!

It’s May!! If you’re like me you thought this month would never come. Winter seemed to go on forever this year, but it’s finally May.

Of course here in Northern Virginia May is supposed to be spring. A time for flowers to start blooming, leaves to grow larger on the trees, and time to enjoy a peaceful afternoon outside. Usually.

Not this year! We skipped spring and are enduring three days of 90 degree heat! But we are assured that spring will return by the weekend.  Not that anyone is complaining, since March, and some of April, were quite brutal.

So I’ll set out here on my deck and enjoy the sounds of spring. You know, like birds chirping, lawns being mowed, trucks beeping as they back up, tires screeching on the road because someone inevitably isn’t paying attention to the traffic, sirens on the highway, and planes taking off and landing from the airport five minutes away.

I’ll make sure I’ve had my allergy medication, because my area of the country is known for it’s high concentration of pollen. I’ll be sure to spray my shoes, and the rest of me, with tick repellent, because we have those in abundance also. And I’ll wear my sun glasses, hat and sunscreen to protect against the dangers of the sun.

But I’ll enjoy every minute of it, because it will be winter again before we know it!

Just the thoughts of this rambling quilter.

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