Thou Shalt Be Organized. Yeah, right!

How many times have we started the new year saying we were going to get organized in one aspect or another of our life?  How many times have we been told by the “experts” on TV what steps we should take to lead an organized life?  But really, how many times have you taken the time to plan your day only to have a single action throw that plan out the window. If you can relate to this last statement, welcome to life!

Anyone who tells you their life is totally organized and everything goes according to plan, isn’t living. Whether you have children, a job, or just have to fight traffic to get anywhere, your life isn’t always organized.

I’m not saying that I have no organization in my life.  My closet is organized because I just had to empty it to get painting and carpeting done. After putting everything back, I am happy to say that I have an organized closet!  But if I were to tell you that my kitchen pantry is organized, I’d be lying.  Some of the shelves are, but not the entire pantry. And that’s ok.  Life will go on without my pantry being organized. And very rarely does my day go according to plan.  Something as simple as turning on morning television can throw my schedule off.  You know what I mean; just have to watch one more wonderful story about the good deeds of others.

I have purchased an organizer.  But let’s be honest, it’s more to use to keep track of appointments and things I need to do.  I could keep track of those things on my phone, but I’m a visual person.  I can keep my brain better organized if I see what I’m supposed to do on a piece of paper, instead of my phone. Plus, I’m not very good at looking at my phone calendar to see what I’m doing every day. It’s much easier for me to look at my big wall calendar. Trial and error has taught me many things over the years!

And because I not only have my home life to keep track of, I purchased an organizer I can use to also track my progress on various quilting and writing projects.  I also know this about myself – if I can check something off a to-do list, I feel so much more accomplished at the end of my day.

But really, if we lead a life that’s a little disorganized it’s not a bad thing.  Really good things can happen on a totally unorganized day.  The trick is to see these good things for what they are – a wonderful distraction.  Enjoy the disorganization. Life is full of distractions and disorganization. Embrace them every day.  Because no matter what you do, there will still be more of them tomorrow.

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