Box Cañon Falls Park, Ouray, Colorado

Ouray from High Bridge

Our last post from Ouray takes us to Box Cañon Falls Park, located at the south end of town. Near the famed Ouray Ice Park, Box Cañon is another unique marvel of Mother Nature with two trails worthy of the hike.

The Falls Trail goes down to the base of the falls, and the High Bridge Trail goes up to the top.

Falls Trail

Box Cañon Falls

The Falls Trail starts at the Visitor’s Center and goes down to the base of the falls. As you pass gardens that were beginning to bloom in mid-May, you will start to hear the sound of the water rushing into the canyon.

Walking along the metal walkway, you can look down and see the pipe that brings the water to the Hot Springs Pool, as well as discarded mining equipment from many years ago.

As you approach the falls, the sound and spray hit you. You’ve arrived!

High Bridge Trail

High Bridge, Box Canon Falls

Once you come back up from the Cañon, take a right and go up the High Bridge Trail. A bit rocky and steep at times, this trail climbs up out of the canyon to the bridge above. It also connects with the Perimeter Trail as it winds its way around Ouray.

The High Bridge is at 8,100 ft. elevation and is the top of the trail. It was built in 1900, and if you look down, you will see that you’re directly above Box Cañon.

The view at the bridge is well worth the climb, and be sure to go through the tunnel to see how the Perimeter trail continues. The tunnel was built in the early 20th century to carry water north. Once the extra water was no longer needed, the pipeline was abandoned in 1950 but is still visible today.

Important Info

  • Hours – 8 am – 8 pm, 7 days a week
  • Cost of Admission
    • Children (4-17 years old) $3.00
    • Adults and Teens (18 – 62) $5.00
    • Seniors (62 – 74) $4.00
    • Super Seniors (75+) and children 3 and younger are admitted free
  • Location
    • On CR361 – just off Highway 550 (Million Dollar Highway) just south of Ouray

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As with most of Ouray and the surrounding area, Box Cañon did not disappoint. It’s definitely another place you should add to your Travel Bucket List.

Stop by next week as we travel to North Platte, Nebraska, and visit the Buffalo Bill Cody Home and Museum and the Golden Spike Railroad Museum. These were two very unexpected places we found as we traveled east.

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  1. I visited Box Canyon years ago – perhaps 1983 and 1994. I don’t remember a Visitor Center – nor do I remember a fee. Either way, it is a definite not miss, as you say. Safe travels!

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