Wasting Time at the DMV

We all should experience the joy of going to the Department of Motor Vehicles at least once in our lives. While I’ve been many times before, today’s visit gives me lots of time to reflect–and write this post 😀.

When going to the DMV or Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) in some states, you need to make sure you have every document, identification, and forms for any occasion. Who wants to wait for 2-3 hours for their number to be called, only to find that they forgot one thing and have to come back! Fortunately I have a very detailed husband who has made sure I have everything I need to register our new travel trailer and get the license plate for it. I think!!

The interesting system our DMV has come up with is giving everyone a letter-number (mine is F117). When your number is called the computerized lady tells you which window to go to. From what I’ve been able to tell for the past 20 minutes is that it’s completely random! It kind of like roulette! Throw the little ball on the spinning wheel and see where it lands!

And to make this experience even more enjoyable, the air conditioning seems to be having trouble keeping up with cooling the approximately 90 people in the room. Yeah!

I’ll continue to sit here praying my number is called and that I have all the appropriate documentation because I have no other choice. So if you see a camper being pulled by a beautiful white truck and the license plate on the camper reads HPYDAZE, be sure and wave! I will have survived my trip to the DMV and have moved on to better experiences!

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