And now, the rest of the year!

If you’ve read my previous posts, you know that 2016 was not my best year. It started with the passing of our beloved dog, Woody,  and continued with the unexpected passing of my Aunt Jetta (see Don’t Ignore God’s Nudge). Then the passing of my stepfather in October after an 8 year battle with Alzheimer’s (God’s Unconditional Love Is On Display Every Day) rounded out the year. But in the midst of it all, we had the joyful news that my daughter was expecting our first grandchild and our son would be getting married (all in 2017).

So the first half of 2017 has brought us great joy. Our grandson, August, was born in March, and as my previous post, My Son is Getting Married Today, described we have now expanded our family to include a daughter-in-law as well. We are truly blessed.

And as for me, I have also reached some pretty terrific milestones. In April, I ran my first, and because my knees can’t take another, my only 5K! But I did it, and that’s what counts. I’ll now go back to walking quickly with no regrets. As I’ve been told by physicians, friends, and countless others, it’s the fact that I’m moving that counts. So I’ll stick to walking and bicycling for now. I am, however, going to be doing a yoga class with one of my best friends starting in July. By admission, I am one of the least flexible people on the planet, so maybe this will help.

In May, I reached one of my most proud milestones. I published my first novel (see My First Novel)! I’ve been asked if I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and the answer is yes, since I was in high school back in 1979. But I really never knew how to go about it. But thanks to a wonderfully supportive family, I finally accomplished a huge goal. And because I’m self-published and have to market myself, you can find my novel, One Sweet Development, by visiting my author page at Or you can go to my website: and click on the book link to order.

While you’re at my website, you’ll see another great passion of mine – quilting. In addition to writing, God has also given me the gift of helping clients preserve their memories through quilts. I’m so glad to be able to use God’s gift for this purpose.

So now, what to do with the rest of 2017. Well, I’m going to continue my gift of quilting and helping people preserve their memories. I’m going to spoil my grandson like crazy! And I’m working on the sequel to my first novel. It will be part of the Hope Springs Romance Series, and my goal is to have it available on Amazon in September. I’m really enjoying creating a small town full of wonderful and wacky folks, some based on wonderfully strong women in my life, and some I’ve created out of my vivid imagination. And I’m happy to say it is a contemporary romantic comedy, under the “clean and wholesome” catagory. G-rated for sure!

Bring on the rest of 2017, Lord, because I’m ready.


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