An Open Letter to Mr. Bunny

Dear Mr. Bunny,

My husband and I are simple people.  We don’t ask for much in life except for a loving home, family, our health and happiness; and fresh vegetables from our garden every year.  We have all of those things, except because of you we are having a hard time getting the last on the list.

Our garden consists of onions, cabbage, potatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, and cantaloupes.  We also have an abundance of kale and lettuce.  However, you my friend have chosen not to partake in the kale/lettuce salad.  No, you have decided your veggie of choice this year is our green beans.


I looked out the window as you were finishing off the last of one row of green bean leaves, leaving a pathetic row behind.  I chased you off and thought you were finished.





My husband planted another row in its place.  You waited until those plants were sprouting leaves and came back for another delicious meal of green bean leaves.





Throughout all of this you left our kale and lettuce alone.  Oh, and for some reason you decided my neighbor’s garden didn’t look nearly as appetizing as ours, and left his alone as well.




Well, my friend, you left us no choice but to take drastic measures.  Yes, we had to surround our green beans with a fence.  That seemed to work, as the new plants are well on their way to producing green beans.  Please notice that we left you the lettuce, because frankly, we had a bumper crop this year and I’m kind of tired of it!




However, you must have mentioned our smorgasbord of veggies to Mr. Deer.  As you can see by the evidence on my tomato and pepper plants, he helped himself to the tops of those.  And we already have tomatoes and peppers on them.  Once again, your taller friend chose to leave our neighbor’s garden alone.




So, like you, Mr. Deer left us no choice.  We had to put up a second fence.  I do hope you and Mr. Deer find another food source for the rest of the summer, because our salad bar is officially closed.  I do hear the neighbor’s salad bar is still open however, so feel free to eat there.



We hope you have a great rest of your summer, as we are planning on doing as well.


The Skinnells

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