Life is a Full-time Job

Recently I was asked by someone if I was still working. And I replied that no, I quit teaching preschool a couple of years ago. I was now quilting and writing my first novel, which I really do hope to publish soon!

I got to thinking about my answer of “no”. Because, in reality, even if I wasn’t quilting or writing, I would still be “working”. We all do. Unless you just sit on your bum all day, and never move, you are working.

While I may not be “working” in the usual sense of the word, where I get money direct-deposited every other week, I am still working. Because everything we do in life can be considered work. Monday, I did three loads of laundry. This involved carrying the baskets down a flight of stairs, washing and drying, and then folding the clothes, and then carrying them back up the flight of stairs to be put away. Eventhough my loving husband was here to help with some of it, it was still work. After lunch, I battled my way through Wegman’s grocery store with everyone else who was restocking from the holiday, carried my groceries into my house and put them away. That was work. And then still had to make dinner. More work. And that was just Monday!

I am no longer a “stay-at-home” mom because my children are grown and gone. But I am a “stay-at-home” wife. God bless my husband for supporting me and my decision to be a “stay-at-home” wife. But it is still work! Just think about all the things you do everyday, that aren’t considered “work”.  Make your bed this morning? Work!  Load or unload the dishwasher? Work! Rake leaves? Definitely work! Plan your meals for the week? Now, this is work, because it helps you later when your brain is fried from all your other work and you can’t think about what to fix for dinner!  Been there, done that, and have ended up with chicken nuggets and french fries!

And now the Christmas season has begun.  Are you going to pay someone to put up your Christmas decorations, send out your Christmas cards, buy and wrap your gifts, and make your Christmas cookies and fudge?  Heck no!  You are going to do all these things yourself because, if you are like me, you love the holiday and want to make it extra special!  We don’t consider these tasks work, but they are!

And how about all the hours we spend helping neighbors in need, or those in our community.  No monetary pay there, but the joy and satisfaction we get is worth so much more.

So, the next time I am asked if I am still working, I’m may just answer, “yes, because I am alive!  I have a full-time job making the most of what God has blessed me with.”

P.S. I know this post is shorter than usual, but I have more “work” to do!

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