Hi! I’m Jennifer Skinnell. My husband, Mike, and I have recently delved back into the world of RV living. We have a 30 ft. travel trailer and F150 to pull it. We enjoy traveling part-time, working from the RV, and seeing this great country.

When I began writing,  the purpose of this blog was to entertain, and possibly, make you think during your day.  As the name of the blog implies, I am a quilter as well.  I have been quilting for many years.  You can check out my website or my Facebook Page at Jennifer Skinnell Quilting.  I am also an author, and my Hope Springs Romance Series can be found on my Amazon Author Page.

My hope is that, as you read my blog, you will find something that makes you smile and want to get out and enjoy all our country has to offer.

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a great day!